• Graduate Christian Fellowship

    at the University of Chicago

  • Our Vision

    We believe that God has called and equipped Christian graduate students and faculty to be a redeeming influence among the people, ideas, and structure of the university and professions. In the power of the Spirit, we share the following four commitments: Spiritual Formation, Community, Evangelism and Service, and Integration of Faith Learning and Practice.


    Vision Statement: Cultivating a Christ-centered community for the flourishing of UChicago

    Mission statement: We equip and encourage grad students to grow in Christ’s love, integrating faith and life.

    About Us

    The Graduate Christian Fellowship is a community of graduate students at UChicago who come together to learn and seek to follow God in their daily lives around campus. We're a part of InterVarsity's division of Graduate and Faculty Ministries.


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    • We have prayer on Tuesday mornings with some faculty members.
    • We have joint prayer walks with AAIV, an undergrad InterVarsity chapter at the university.
    • We host three weekly Bible studies on a weekday evening at someone's apartment.
    • On some Friday evenings, we have Large Group, which includes worship, discussions, speakers, and an occasional potluck or outing.
    • We attend at least one off-campus retreat during the year.


    • We have two weekly Bible studies and time of prayer for each other.

    Get In Touch With Us!

    Feel free to join our Facebook Group!

    Follow us @uchicagogcf on Instagram and on Facebook!


    We have weekly emails for announcements and communication!

    gcf@lists.uchicago.edu - for "official" GCF events, like our weekly Bible study. (join here! https://lists.uchicago.edu/web/info/gcf)


    gcf-open@lists.uchicago.edu - for unofficial communications, like people getting together for dinner, housing requests, or interesting theology questions.


  • Meet Our Leaders

    Cassandra Azeredo

    Core Member


    Madeline Snigaroff

    Core Member


    Caitlin Wong

    Core Member


    Jeremiah Kim

    Core Member


  • Some Highlights of

    Last Year

    Top left: Blueberry Picking!


    Top Right: Graduating Students Send-off


    Bottom Left: Botanical Garden outing


    Bottom Right: End of Year BBQ at the Point

  • Some Highlights: 2019-2020

    Left: Winter Retreat in Indiana where we learned about hospitality!


    Bottom Left: Post bible study snowman!


    Bottom Right: Joint apple picking outing with Northwestern's GCF

  • Other Information

    Other Links

    There is an excellent set of articles about What I Wish I'd Known About Graduate School. This is hosted by InterVarsity's Emerging Scholars Network, which is also worth checking out!

    Related Campus Organizations

    InterVarsity (Undergraduate groups) - our sister student organizations for undergraduates on campus

    Charles Malik Society for Redeeming Reason - Resources for integrating Christian faith, life and witness with the academic enterprise.

    Lumen Christi Institute - Lumen Christi "brings together thoughtful Catholics and others interested in the Catholic tradition and makes available to them the wisdom of the Catholic spiritual, intellectual, and cultural traditions."

    Center for Leadership and Involvement - The overseeing organization for our University of Chicago student group and many, many others!


    There are many churches in and around Hyde Park, and we list only a few that our members attend here! For a more complete list of churches, please contact us.

    Church of the Shepherd

    Holy Trinity Church

    Hyde Park Vineyard Church

    Living Hope Church

    Park Community Church

    New Community Covenant Church